Ergonomics Guides – General, Construction, Service Industry – WorkSafeBC – FREE

I raided the vaults of the Canadians this time.  Great stuff.  Ergonomics materials for general and specific items, including the service industry, food service, hotels, etc.  Very interesting stuff.

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Back Talk – An Owners Manual for Backs

Does Your Back Hurt – A Guide to Preventing Low Back Pain

Ergonomics – Computer Workstations

Ergonomics – Dishwashers

Ergonomics – Handling Luggage

Ergonomics – Kitchen Staff

Ergonomics – Servers

Ergonomics Commentary – Back Belts

Ergonomics Commentary – PC Mouse

Ergonomics Commentary – Wrist Supports

Ergonomics for Custodial Staff – A Clean Sweep – French

Ergonomics for Custodial Staff – A Clean Sweep

Preventing Musculoskeletal Injuries – A guide for employers and joint committees

Pushing Pulling Carrying – Evaluation Sheet

Understanding the risks of musculoskeletal injuries – An educational guide for workers

Free Return to Work Materials – Videos Included – Download Here

From the amazing people at WorkSafeBC.  They are really good.

Click links below for documents.  On videos, to download, start briefly, then you will see a down arrow on the upper left.  The video can be downloaded from there:

Guidelines for Modified Work

Return to Work is Good Business

Return to Work is Good Therapy

Selective Light Employment

Ergonomics Assessment – WorkSafeBC

Great program and forms from WorkSafeBC – allows for an easy ergonomic assessment of various types of tasks.  What is nice is that they show on the forms what is unsafe.  A guided program.

Click links below for documents:

MSI Ergonomics Worksheet A

MSI Ergonomics Worksheet B


Risk Factor – Cold Stress

Risk Factor – Contact Stress

Risk Factor – Pushing and Pulling

Free from WorkSafeBC – Setting Up a Safety Committee

This is a complete program – and I mean complete – on how to set up a safety committee.  Full program on participant roles, how to train, hazard analysis, accident investigation, etc.  High level of detail.

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Joint Health and Safety Committee – Facilitators Guide

Joint Health and Safety Committee – Workbook

Free Online Course from WorkSafeBC – Supervising for Safety

This looks truly good.  A course set up where you pick your industry and the course goes over how to supervise for safety.  Videos are included, a test, plus certificate if passed.  Can be used individually, or companies can use this as a part of internal training.

Great job WorkSafeBC!

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Scaffolding Resources – OSHA, WorkSafeBC, Others – Download Free

Note – the WorkSafeBC materials are from Canada, so there may be variance between their standards and standards in the United States.

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A Guide to Scaffold Use in the Construction Industry

Analysis of Scaffold Issues

Baker Scaffolds Toolbox Talk

Fall From Scaffold – Oregon Talk

Falls from Scaffolds – Toolbox Talk

Guardrails for Scaffolds Toolbox Talk

OSHA Scaffolding Presentation Speaker Notes

OSHA Scaffolding Presentation

Safety Statndards for Scaffolds Used in the Construction Industry – OSHA

Scaffolding – Narrow Frame Scaffolds Fact Sheet

Scaffolding – OSHA Guide

Scaffolding Presentation

Scaffolding Requirements Toolbox Talk

Scaffolding Training Presentation

Free Concrete Safety Toolbox Talks from WorkSafeBC – Download Here

Concrete safety toolbox talks – from use of tools to pumping.  As with anything from WorkSafeBC – Good Stuff.

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Concrete – Bending Over

Concrete – Formwork

Concrete – Hand tools During Reinforcing

Concrete – Pouring and Pumping

Concrete – Reinforcing – Overexertion

Concrete – Reinforcing – Reaching

Concrete – Reinforcing – Shoulder Issues

Concrete – Reinforicing – Wrist Issues

Construction Ergonomics – Free Stuff from WorkSafeBC

On often overlooked field due to the constantly changing nature of the job – but there is good stuff out there – educate yourself, your employees, and your clients now. In addition to education, there are also reviews of techniques and tools to help reduce musculoskeletal disorders – including a rebar tying tool.  

Checkout WorkSafeBC – good people. 

Click links below for documents:

15 Tips to Reduce Sprains and Strains in Construction

Assessing Risk of Sprains and Strains in Construction

Awkward Posture and Excessive Force

Construction Stress in Construction Work

Hand Tool Ergonomics

Intro to Ergonomics

Job Rotation

Rebar Tying Tool

Repetition and Excessive Force

Selecting Hand Tools in Construction Trades

Support for Overhead Drilling

Using a Pipe Carriage Prevents Back Fatigue