Take 5 for Safety

Who knew they had this much stuff?

Texas has a great resource on safety – a series of short safety topics that are called, “Take 5.” These are a wide range of subjects – I don’t think I have them all, but below are the best.

You know what to do:

OSHA Has Books

(Definitely Not OSHA)

Below are a great selection of books from OSHA. These may be 20 – 100 pages and include items such as guides on what they require for training.

Note – I have included the pdf version, but if you go to the OSHA website, they also have MOBI and EPUB.

Download here:

SDS Quick Card from OSHA

Here is a great reference card – great for training, posting at or near your Chemical SDS Binder (you have one of those, right?), etc.

Who knew I had no images of chemicals? But this one works.

This comes from OSHA, so it is a good idea to have their materials on hand – especially if they show up!

Download here:

California – Pay Attention!

California has new reporting rules coming out January 1. Well okay, they are out, but, they enact January 1 of 2021.

Here is the link to where they have the info: https://www.dir.ca.gov/dosh/coronavirus/AB6852020FAQs.html

The bill itself was AB685 – Changes to current rules include:

  • Orders Prohibiting Use (OPU): Cal/OSHA can issue an OPU to shut down an entire worksite or a specific worksite area that exposes employees to an imminent hazard related to COVID-19.
  • Citations for serious violations: Cal/OSHA can issue citations for serious violations related to COVID-19 without giving employers 15-day notice before issuance.
  • Employers are now required to notify all employees at a worksite of potential exposures, COVID-19-related benefits and protections, and disinfection and safety measures that will be taken at the worksite in response to the potential exposure.
  • Employers are now required to notify local public health agencies of all workplace outbreaks, which are defined as three or more laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 among employees who live in different households within a two-week period.

Here is the actual bill:

Corona Virus Information – COVID-19 OSHA and CDC

Corona PicWell as the the internet likes to say, ‘That Escalated Quickly.’

Below is a grouping of resources from OSHA and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  The CDC items are very good, and even include printable posters.

I will update the site as I find more stuff.  For you in Europe or other places, feel free to comment on additional resources.

Good luck to everyone – wash those hands, clean surfaces – do the stuff listed below.  Keep doing your good work.

Click links to download files:

CDC – Guide for Safe Employee Travel

CDC – Keeping Workplaces Safe

CDC – Mitigation Strategies

CDC – Stop the Spread of Germs – English

CDC – Stop the Spread of Germs – Spanish

CDC – Symptoms of Corona Virus – Graphic

CDC – What to do if you are sick with Corona Virus – Chinese

CDC – What to do if you are sick with Corona Virus – English

CDC – What to do if you are sick with Corona Virus – Spanish

CDC – What you need to know about Corona Virus – Chinese

CDC – What you need to know about Corona Virus – Spanish

CDC – What you need to know about Corona Virus

Corona Virus – OSHA3990

Prevent Worker Exposure to Corona Virus

Confined Spaces – Residential Construction

Hey Everyone

Those of you who are in residential construction noted that when they updated the confined space entry standard a while back, it included residential construction.  This industry had been somewhat overlooked by OSHA in the past.  They have updated some of their materials to be more clear as to what is expected.

Click here for document:

confined spaces – residential construction