CalOSHA Pocket Construction Safety Guide

At 88 pages, it is a heck of a ‘pocket’ guide, but I didn’t name it. This is actually a comprehensive safety guide for construction sites. Since this is California, the standards will be as good, or more so, than other places in the USA.

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Additionally, if you want to go into mass production with these guides, they kindly included the setup for professional printing. Those files are included as well.

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Free Concrete Safety Toolbox Talks from WorkSafeBC – Download Here

Concrete safety toolbox talks – from use of tools to pumping.  As with anything from WorkSafeBC – Good Stuff.

Click links below for documents:

Concrete – Bending Over

Concrete – Formwork

Concrete – Hand tools During Reinforcing

Concrete – Pouring and Pumping

Concrete – Reinforcing – Overexertion

Concrete – Reinforcing – Reaching

Concrete – Reinforcing – Shoulder Issues

Concrete – Reinforicing – Wrist Issues

Concrete Construction Resources from OSHA and Others

Adding this as a special request from a visitor.  

Concrete Construction Pocket Guide

Silica – Controlling Exposures While Doing Tuckpointing Mortar Removal

Silica – Controlling Exposures While Operating Masonry Saws

Silica – Controlling Exposures While Using Hand Grinders

Ergonomics for Concrete Hoses – Skidplates

Ergonomics for Concrete Masons – Spanish

Ergonomics for Concrete Masons – English

Silica Fact Sheet – English

Silica Fact Sheet – Spanish