Residential Construction Fall Protection – Free, from OSHA!

OSHA has some great materials on working in residential construction.  Guidance in this area is necessary, as most of the materials and training out there are for larger construction sites.  OSHA is now focusing my more heavily on residential construction, so the materials below are quite necessary.

You know what to do (click):

reducing falls in residential construction – working in attics

reducing falls in residential construction – roof sheathing

reducing falls in residential construction – roof repair

reducing falls in residential construction – installing roof tiles

reducing falls in residential construction – installing roof joists and trusses

reducing falls in residential construction – installing floor joists

reducing falls in residential construction – erecting interior and exterior walls

reducing falls in residential construction- metal standing seam room

All Safety Programs About Everything – Free Downloads

No really – this is from North Carolina OSHA.  A huge amount of safety programs covering nearly everything.  This time I don’t expect you to download everything – just as much as you really need.  Have fun.

Click links below for documents:

A Guide to Asbestos for Industry

A Guide to Bloodborne Pathogens in the Workplace

A Guide to Control of Hazardous Energy – Lockout Tagout

A Guide to Crane and Derricks

A Guide to Developing nad Maintaining an Effective Hearing Conservation Program

A Guide to Electrical Safety

A Guide to Emergency Action Planning

A Guide to Ergonomics

A Guide to Eye Wash and Safety Shower Facilities

A Guide to Fall Prevention in Industry

A Guide to Forklift Operator Training

A Guide to Form Safety and Health

A Guide to Formaldehyde

A Guide to Hexavalent Chromium

A Guide to Lead Exposure in the Construction Industry

A Guide to Machine SafeGuarding

A Guide to Manual Materials Handling and Back Safety

A Guide to Occupational Exposure to Isocyanates

A Guide to Office Safety and Health

A guide to Personal Protective Equipment

A Guide to Preventing Heat Stress and Cold Stress

A Guide to Public Safety Driving

A Guide to Respiratory Protection

A Guide to Safe Scaffolding

A Guide to Safety In Confined Spaces

A Guide to the OSHA Excavations Standard

A Guide to Working with Corrosive Substances

A Guide to Working with Electricity

Construction Industry Safety and Health Management Program – Word

Construction Jobsite Safety and Health Guide

Fire Rescue EMS Safety and Health Management Program – Word

General Industry Safety and Health Management Program ig1

Long Term Care Industry Safety and Health Management Program

OSHA General Industry Standards Requiring Programs Inspections Records or Training

Workplace Violence Prevention Guidelines and Program for Healthcare Long Term Care and Social Services Workers

HSE – Work from Heights, Roof Work, Other – Free Downloads!

I raided the Queen’s library again, and dashing out, I even grabbed a document in Welsh!  Those guys with the tall hats can move faster than I would think.

Click links below for documents:

Health and Safety In Roof Work

Preventing Falls from Boom Type Platforms

Preventing Falls from Vehicles – Welsh

Preventing Falls from Vehicles

Safe Use of Ladders and Step Ladders

Safety in Window Cleaning using Rope Platforms

Safety in Window Cleaning Using Suspended Platforms

Safety in Window Cleaning

Working at Height

Workplace Safety Health Welfare – 60 Page Book

You Asked For It – UK Health and Safety Materials

Traffic from the UK was heavy and I received several comments like, “Good materials, but we will have to adapt them to the UK.”  Well, seeing as the traffic was heavy, and this all about the safety of workers on the job, I did a little bit of looking and found where the Queen hides her safety materials.  At least some of them.  So here they are.  Not all, obviously, but, a basic selection.  Now that I have raided her coffers, I will add more in the future.  If people across the pond know of more good materials, feel free to forward and I will post.

For those in the USA and elsewhere – regulations from the UK are normally at, or above what the USA requires.  So instead of doing ‘the minimum,’ why not give this a look see?  It won’t kill you (no pun).

Thank you for yelling at me.

Click links below for documents:

Basement Construction

Confined Spaces


Handling Kerbs – Reducing the Risks of MSDs

Hard Hats

Inspections and Reports

Keeping Your Site Tidy

Lead Paint

Material Handling

Preventing Falls from Mobile Boom Type Lifts

Preventing Injury from Handling Heavy Blocks

Running a Small Construction Site

Safe Erection Use and Dismantling of Falsework

The Absolutely Essential Guide For The Smaller Construction Contractor

Want Construction Work Done Safely

Free Fall Protection Toolbox Talks from WorkSafeBC – Download Here

A good selection of toolbox talks, plus a template for a written plan.  

Click links below for documents:

Falls – Anchor Points

Falls – Full Body Harness

Falls – Horizontal Lifelines

Falls – How Long Does it Take to Fall

Falls – Inspecting Harness

Falls – Inspecting your Landyard

Falls – Putting on a Harness

Falls – Restraint or Arrest

Falls – Retractable Lifelines

Falls – Rope Grabs

Falls – Shock Absorbers and Caribiners

Falls – Using the Right Lanyard

Falls – Verical Lifelines

Falls – Written Plan

OSHA Safety Programs – All

I will categorize these later – I promise – but for now – here are all of OSHA’s larger programs.  These include confined spaces, lockout tagout, etc.

Click links below for documents:

Training Requirements in OSHA Standards and Training Guidelines

Stairways and Ladders

Sling Safety


Safe Patient Handling – Preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders in Nursing Homes

Respiratory Protection – Small Entity Compliance Guide

Respiratory Protection – Assigned Protection Factors for the Revised Standard

Process Safety Management

Process Safety Management – Guidelines for Compliance

Portland Cement – Preventing Skin Problems

Personal Protective Equipment

Medical Records – Access to Medical and Exposure Records

Medical and Dental Offices – A Guide to Compliance with OSHA Standards

Lockout Tagout

Lead in Construction

Job Hazard Analysis

Heat Illness – Protecting Yourself in the Sun

Hearing Conservation

Fall Prevention – Training Guide – A Lesson Plan for Employers

Fall Prevention – Training Guide – A Lesson Plan for Employers – Spanish


Employers Rights and Responsibilities Following an OSHA Inspection

Emergency Response – Principal Emergency Response and Preparedness – Requirements and Guidelines

Emergency Response – Best Practices for Hospital Based First Receivers of Victims

Emergency Action PLans

Electrical Hazards – Controlling Electrical Hazards

Distracted Driving

Cranes and Derricks – Small Entity Compliance Guide

Construction Tunneling

Confined Spaces