You Asked For It – UK Health and Safety Materials

Traffic from the UK was heavy and I received several comments like, “Good materials, but we will have to adapt them to the UK.”  Well, seeing as the traffic was heavy, and this all about the safety of workers on the job, I did a little bit of looking and found where the Queen hides her safety materials.  At least some of them.  So here they are.  Not all, obviously, but, a basic selection.  Now that I have raided her coffers, I will add more in the future.  If people across the pond know of more good materials, feel free to forward and I will post.

For those in the USA and elsewhere – regulations from the UK are normally at, or above what the USA requires.  So instead of doing ‘the minimum,’ why not give this a look see?  It won’t kill you (no pun).

Thank you for yelling at me.

Click links below for documents:

Basement Construction

Confined Spaces


Handling Kerbs – Reducing the Risks of MSDs

Hard Hats

Inspections and Reports

Keeping Your Site Tidy

Lead Paint

Material Handling

Preventing Falls from Mobile Boom Type Lifts

Preventing Injury from Handling Heavy Blocks

Running a Small Construction Site

Safe Erection Use and Dismantling of Falsework

The Absolutely Essential Guide For The Smaller Construction Contractor

Want Construction Work Done Safely