OSHA – New Publication – Safety Through Leading Indicators


Not everything is about Corona Virus…

OSHA actually come out with an interesting publication – safety through Leading Indicators and not lagging indicators.  In other words, being proactive, and not just doing this AFTER the person falls off the ladder.

You know what to do:


Ergonomics Guide – Non-Powered Tools – English and Spanish

Very interesting guide by CalOSHA on selecting non-powered tools and considering ergonomics. This guide includes handles, grip, motion, and a range of other factors.


Think hard about this guide – we focus on powered tools, vibration, torque, and other factors, but for using non-powered tools requires all manual power.  Think about assembling something from IKEA with standard screw drivers – then, multiply that by 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.  Yes, that bad.


Click below for documents:


Ergonomics Guide – Non-Powered Tools – Spanish


Ergonomics Guide – Non-Powered Tools – English

Free Fall Protection Toolbox Talks and Trainer Guide

A complete publication, which includes ladders, scaffolding, roofing, and other types of fall exposures.  Includes trainer guide and other useful resources.

Click here for file:  OSHA Fall Protection Toolbox Talks and Trainer Guide

Here is the link to the OSHA website:  https://www.osha.gov/Publications/OSHA3666.pdf


IAuditor – iOS and Android

Free must have safety app – create your own forms easily, then use them on the job, construction site, wherever.

Also has a library where you can upload forms, or download others. These will include thousands of different forms, including DOT, scaffold, construction, etc. Photos can be added to any entry, so documentation will be complete.

Once a form is complete, it can be emailed to email lists. The app will add a cover sheet, disclaimer, and table of contents automatically.

The app is free, but offers upgrades for a fee to produce results in various different formats.

Link to main site plus tutorials: http://www.safetyculture.com.au/iAuditor/