Detailed Heat Stress Program from OSHA – English/Spanish

A detailed program that breaks down heat index, how it affects people, etc.  Also included are some materials from NIOSH. Check out other links on this site where I have QuickCards and other materials.

Click links below for documents:

OSHA – Full Heat Stress Prevention Program – Spanish

OSHA – Full Heat Stress Prevention Program

NIOSH – Head Stress Fast Facts


OSHA 10 Hour Trainers – Look Here – Free Stuff

Updated presentation on Intro to OSHA (includes GHS), plus Focus Four materials.  If you are an instructor, you know what I am talking about.

Click links below for documents:

Focus Four – Caught In – Handouts

Focus Four – Caught In Activities

Focus Four – Caught In Instructor Guide

Focus Four – Caught In

Focus Four – Electrical – Group Activiies

Focus Four – Electrical – Handouts

Focus Four – Electrical Instructor Guide

Focus Four – Electrical

Focus Four – Falls Group Activities

Focus Four – Falls Handouts

Focus Four – Falls Instructor Guide

Focus Four – Falls

Focus Four – Struck By – Group Activities

Focus Four – Struck By – Handouts

Focus Four – Struck By Instructor Guide

Focus Four – Struck By

Intro to OSHA – 2014

Intro to OSHA – Handouts

Intro to OSHA – Instructor Guide

Free Nursing Home Presentations from OSHA – Safe Resident Lifting

OSHA has two interesting presentations – The first is on WHY you need to have a safe resident handling program, and the second is implementing a safe resident handling program.  For you consultant’s out there, the first can be used to sell the idea.  Obviously most of us already realize it is important.

Click links below for presentations:

Benefits of Implementing a Safe Resident Handling Program

Implementing A Safe Resident Handling Program

Most Frequently Cited Standards – From OSHA – Free PowerPoint Presentations

These are PowerPoint presentations concerning the most frequently cited standards by OSHA.  There are three good things about these – first, they are as of 2013, so up to date.  Second, they break down citations by each sub part, so this is applicable to anyone.  Third, there are three presentations, broken down by construction, general industry, and maritime – so factory workers do not need to know about scaffolds, for example.

Click links below for documents:

Most Frequently Cited – Construction

Most Frequently Cited – General Industry

Most Frequently Cited – Maritime

Free Comprehensive Ladder Safety Training Materials and Programs

Below are materials from OSHA, plus other sources for setting up your ladder safety program, as well as training employees.  Please ensure that your program addresses hazards on your jobsite, and modify these items as needed for the safety of your employees.

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Fall Off Ladders Can Kill – Use them Safely – Booklet

Ladder Safety Manual – Presentation

Ladder Safety Manual – Trainer’s Guide

Safe Use of Extension Ladders – Fact Sheet

Safe Use of Job Made Wooden Ladders

Safe Use of Stepladders Falls – Extension Ladders

Scaffold and Ladder Safety

Stairways and Ladders

Ladder Safety – Safe Use of Extension Ladders

Ladder Safety – Safe Use of Wooden Ladders

Ladder Safety – Stepladder Fact Sheet

Ladder Safety Fact Sheet

Ladder Safety Guide – English and Spanish

Ladder Safety QuickCard

Construction Angels

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As safety professionals, we dedicate our lives to ensuring that those who leave their families to go to work each day, return home in the evening safely, with both hands, all fingers and all toes, to those who depend on them most.  Unfortunately, sometimes we are not successful, and those workers do not return home.  There is an organization that takes over when our efforts are not quite good enough.  This organization is Construction Angels.  Construction Angels serves as a facilitator of financial benefits and grief services to surviving construction family members in need of assistance when the unthinkable has happened to their family. Construction Angels deeply supports family values, work ethic and the ultimate sacrifice some give in support of all construction work.

Please give their website a look, and consider helping out if you can.  We do not like to think of the consequences of dangers jobs, but sometimes services such as theirs are necessary.  Construction Angel’s website is: