Construction Angels

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As safety professionals, we dedicate our lives to ensuring that those who leave their families to go to work each day, return home in the evening safely, with both hands, all fingers and all toes, to those who depend on them most.  Unfortunately, sometimes we are not successful, and those workers do not return home.  There is an organization that takes over when our efforts are not quite good enough.  This organization is Construction Angels.  Construction Angels serves as a facilitator of financial benefits and grief services to surviving construction family members in need of assistance when the unthinkable has happened to their family. Construction Angels deeply supports family values, work ethic and the ultimate sacrifice some give in support of all construction work.

Please give their website a look, and consider helping out if you can.  We do not like to think of the consequences of dangers jobs, but sometimes services such as theirs are necessary.  Construction Angel’s website is:



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