Driver Safety – From Texas(!)

(Accurate representation of Texas)

Who knew Texas had some awesome safety training materials. These can be found on the Texas Occupational Safety Page, and of course, here. I will download and post them as I have time.

These programs cover a range of subjects – from driver program checklists, aggressive driving, night blindness, even golf cart safety. Click them all – you never know when you will need them.

You know what to do:

Distracted Driving Materials and Resources – Download Here

From various sources including OSHA, Distracted Driving.Gov, NHTSA, and others.  Also included is the link where all USA State cellphone laws are posted.

Click links below for documents:

Cellphone Laws By State:

Distracted Driving Brochure – OSHA

Distracted Driving Pledge

Distracted Driving Tip Sheet

NHTSA Study Abstract

Sample Employer Policy 2

Sample Employer Policy

Sample Memo to Employees

All Safety Programs About Everything – Free Downloads

No really – this is from North Carolina OSHA.  A huge amount of safety programs covering nearly everything.  This time I don’t expect you to download everything – just as much as you really need.  Have fun.

Click links below for documents:

A Guide to Asbestos for Industry

A Guide to Bloodborne Pathogens in the Workplace

A Guide to Control of Hazardous Energy – Lockout Tagout

A Guide to Crane and Derricks

A Guide to Developing nad Maintaining an Effective Hearing Conservation Program

A Guide to Electrical Safety

A Guide to Emergency Action Planning

A Guide to Ergonomics

A Guide to Eye Wash and Safety Shower Facilities

A Guide to Fall Prevention in Industry

A Guide to Forklift Operator Training

A Guide to Form Safety and Health

A Guide to Formaldehyde

A Guide to Hexavalent Chromium

A Guide to Lead Exposure in the Construction Industry

A Guide to Machine SafeGuarding

A Guide to Manual Materials Handling and Back Safety

A Guide to Occupational Exposure to Isocyanates

A Guide to Office Safety and Health

A guide to Personal Protective Equipment

A Guide to Preventing Heat Stress and Cold Stress

A Guide to Public Safety Driving

A Guide to Respiratory Protection

A Guide to Safe Scaffolding

A Guide to Safety In Confined Spaces

A Guide to the OSHA Excavations Standard

A Guide to Working with Corrosive Substances

A Guide to Working with Electricity

Construction Industry Safety and Health Management Program – Word

Construction Jobsite Safety and Health Guide

Fire Rescue EMS Safety and Health Management Program – Word

General Industry Safety and Health Management Program ig1

Long Term Care Industry Safety and Health Management Program

OSHA General Industry Standards Requiring Programs Inspections Records or Training

Workplace Violence Prevention Guidelines and Program for Healthcare Long Term Care and Social Services Workers

More Free Fleet Safety Items from Texas

I missed these the first time.  Several different types of items – including training sheets with quizzes.

Click links below for documents:

Defensive Driving – Take 5 for Safety

Defensive Driving

Driving and Avoiding Roadway Crashes Fact Sheet

Driving and Being Prepared Checklist

Driving and Being Road-Wise

Driving and Merging Collision Prevention Fact Sheet

Driving and Tailgating

Driving and Using Cellular Telephones – Safety Training Program

Driving at Work

Driving Distractions Fact Sheet

Driving Fatigue Prevention – Take 5 for SAfety

Driving in Highway Construction Zones

Driving in the Rain – Take 5 For Safety

Driving in the Winter Fact Sheet

Driving Safety – Take 5 for Safety

Driving with Anti-Lock Brake Systems.

Dumptruck Tipover Prevention Factsheet

Free Fleet Safety Items from Texas

Texas has a surprisingly large amount of material.  Here are a variety of programs, training documents (with quizzes!) from Texas:

Click links below for documents:

Aging Drivers

Delilvery and Taxi Driver Safety

Fleet Motor Vehicle Safety Program

Staying Alert and Fit to Drive

Vehicle Backing Safety Fact Sheet

Vehicle Battery Safety – Take 5 for Safety

Vehicle Safety Checklist

American Readers Only – Cell Phone Laws by State

Below is a link that tracks cell phone laws by state.  I would recommend that any company with a fleet check this out, and, if you have locations in multiple states, you may have to amend your fleet policies by state.  

Your policy should simply be ‘Don’t’ – but if you depend on state laws, here they are.

Here is the link: