More Free Fleet Safety Items from Texas

I missed these the first time.  Several different types of items – including training sheets with quizzes.

Click links below for documents:

Defensive Driving – Take 5 for Safety

Defensive Driving

Driving and Avoiding Roadway Crashes Fact Sheet

Driving and Being Prepared Checklist

Driving and Being Road-Wise

Driving and Merging Collision Prevention Fact Sheet

Driving and Tailgating

Driving and Using Cellular Telephones – Safety Training Program

Driving at Work

Driving Distractions Fact Sheet

Driving Fatigue Prevention – Take 5 for SAfety

Driving in Highway Construction Zones

Driving in the Rain – Take 5 For Safety

Driving in the Winter Fact Sheet

Driving Safety – Take 5 for Safety

Driving with Anti-Lock Brake Systems.

Dumptruck Tipover Prevention Factsheet

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