HSE – Welding

I hit the motherload here as I stuffed my bags filled with materials as I wandered through The Queen’s library.  A wealth of information on welding, surface preparation, PPE (or as they say across the pond, RPE).  Truly a hoard of information I wish OSHA or WorkSafeBC had.  Great Stuff.

Click links below for documents:

Soldering – Hand-Held with Lead Based Rosin Cored Solders

Welding – Advice for Managers

Welding – Arc Air Gouging

Welding – Arc Plasma Cutting – Fixed Equipment

Welding – Expert Advice

Welding – Fixed Extraction – Welding Booth or Downdraught Bench

Welding – Flux Cored and Metal Cored Arc Welding

Welding – Forced Ventillation

Welding – Gas and OxyGas Cutting

Welding – Manual Metal Arc or Stick Welding

Welding – Metal Inert Gas and Metal Active Gas

Welding – Moveable Extraction – Fume Hood on a Flexible Arm

Welding – Oxy-Gas Welding and Brazing

Welding – Resistance Welding – Fixed Equipment

Welding – RPE used with Engineering Controls

Welding – RPE Used with Forced Ventillation

Welding – Surface preparation – Large items

Welding – Surface Preparation – Medium Sized Items

Welding – Surface preparation – Pressure Plasting – Small Items

Welding – Tungsten Inert Gas TIG Welding

Welding – Weld Cleaning with Pickling Paste

Welding – Workshop Ventillation

Welding Respriatory Protective Equipment