Excavation Materials – Presentations, Guides, Programs, Videos – Free Download

Including materials from OSHA and the UK HSE – good stuff:

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On the videos – start the video briefly, stop it, then look in the left hand corner for an arrow – click on this and there will be an option to download.

A Guide to the OSHA Excavations Standard

Excavation – Best Practices

Excavation – What you need to know as a busy builder




Preventing Accidents In Excavations

Safety Manual for Excavation

Trench Safety – QuickCard

Office Ergonomics – OSHA, HSE, WorkSafeBC, Others

Checklists, PowerPoints, guides, even some longer booklets (primarily from HSE but others as well).

I had a request for this stuff…

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Office Ergonomics – Computer Workstation

Office Ergonomics 2005

SONH Ergonomics

Computer Workstation – WorkSafeBC

Ergo Guide – This one is good

Ergonomics – Computer Workstations

Ergonomics Checklist

Ergonomics Commentary – PC Mouse

HSE Office Ergonomics Book

Office Ergonomics Checklist – OSHA


Workstation Guide – HSE

Bonus UK HSE Post – Full Programs – Free, Here

Some of these are expensive if you buy them – like 15 pounds, with current exchange rates is $4 billion.  So download them all, now.

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Chemical Warehousing

Developing Process Safety Indicators

Involving your Workforce in Health and SAfety – Good Practice for All Workplaces

Managing the Causes of Work Related Stress – A Step by Step Approach using Management Standards

Memorandum of Guidance on the Electricity of Work Regulations – 1989

Warehousing and Storage – A guide to health and safety

HSE – Welding

I hit the motherload here as I stuffed my bags filled with materials as I wandered through The Queen’s library.  A wealth of information on welding, surface preparation, PPE (or as they say across the pond, RPE).  Truly a hoard of information I wish OSHA or WorkSafeBC had.  Great Stuff.

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Soldering – Hand-Held with Lead Based Rosin Cored Solders

Welding – Advice for Managers

Welding – Arc Air Gouging

Welding – Arc Plasma Cutting – Fixed Equipment

Welding – Expert Advice

Welding – Fixed Extraction – Welding Booth or Downdraught Bench

Welding – Flux Cored and Metal Cored Arc Welding

Welding – Forced Ventillation

Welding – Gas and OxyGas Cutting

Welding – Manual Metal Arc or Stick Welding

Welding – Metal Inert Gas and Metal Active Gas

Welding – Moveable Extraction – Fume Hood on a Flexible Arm

Welding – Oxy-Gas Welding and Brazing

Welding – Resistance Welding – Fixed Equipment

Welding – RPE used with Engineering Controls

Welding – RPE Used with Forced Ventillation

Welding – Surface preparation – Large items

Welding – Surface Preparation – Medium Sized Items

Welding – Surface preparation – Pressure Plasting – Small Items

Welding – Tungsten Inert Gas TIG Welding

Welding – Weld Cleaning with Pickling Paste

Welding – Workshop Ventillation

Welding Respriatory Protective Equipment

HSE – Excavation Materials – Free Downloads

More materials from the Queen – these include full programs, handouts, plus materials that may reference excavation issues but from different angles, such as underground utilities, working near buildings, etc.

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Avoiding Concealed Services and Overhead Powerlines

Avoiding Damage to Buried Services

Avoiding Danger from Underground Services

Excavation – What you need to know as a busy builder

Inspections and Reports

Management of Temporary Works

Preventing Accidents In Excavations

HSE – Work from Heights, Roof Work, Other – Free Downloads!

I raided the Queen’s library again, and dashing out, I even grabbed a document in Welsh!  Those guys with the tall hats can move faster than I would think.

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Health and Safety In Roof Work

Preventing Falls from Boom Type Platforms

Preventing Falls from Vehicles – Welsh

Preventing Falls from Vehicles

Safe Use of Ladders and Step Ladders

Safety in Window Cleaning using Rope Platforms

Safety in Window Cleaning Using Suspended Platforms

Safety in Window Cleaning

Working at Height

Workplace Safety Health Welfare – 60 Page Book

You Asked For It – UK Health and Safety Materials

Traffic from the UK was heavy and I received several comments like, “Good materials, but we will have to adapt them to the UK.”  Well, seeing as the traffic was heavy, and this all about the safety of workers on the job, I did a little bit of looking and found where the Queen hides her safety materials.  At least some of them.  So here they are.  Not all, obviously, but, a basic selection.  Now that I have raided her coffers, I will add more in the future.  If people across the pond know of more good materials, feel free to forward and I will post.

For those in the USA and elsewhere – regulations from the UK are normally at, or above what the USA requires.  So instead of doing ‘the minimum,’ why not give this a look see?  It won’t kill you (no pun).

Thank you for yelling at me.

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Basement Construction

Confined Spaces


Handling Kerbs – Reducing the Risks of MSDs

Hard Hats

Inspections and Reports

Keeping Your Site Tidy

Lead Paint

Material Handling

Preventing Falls from Mobile Boom Type Lifts

Preventing Injury from Handling Heavy Blocks

Running a Small Construction Site

Safe Erection Use and Dismantling of Falsework

The Absolutely Essential Guide For The Smaller Construction Contractor

Want Construction Work Done Safely