Office Ergonomics – OSHA, HSE, WorkSafeBC, Others

Checklists, PowerPoints, guides, even some longer booklets (primarily from HSE but others as well).

I had a request for this stuff…

Click links below for documents:

Office Ergonomics – Computer Workstation

Office Ergonomics 2005

SONH Ergonomics

Computer Workstation – WorkSafeBC

Ergo Guide – This one is good

Ergonomics – Computer Workstations

Ergonomics Checklist

Ergonomics Commentary – PC Mouse

HSE Office Ergonomics Book

Office Ergonomics Checklist – OSHA


Workstation Guide – HSE

OSHA 10 Hour Trainers – Look Here – Free Stuff

Updated presentation on Intro to OSHA (includes GHS), plus Focus Four materials.  If you are an instructor, you know what I am talking about.

Click links below for documents:

Focus Four – Caught In – Handouts

Focus Four – Caught In Activities

Focus Four – Caught In Instructor Guide

Focus Four – Caught In

Focus Four – Electrical – Group Activiies

Focus Four – Electrical – Handouts

Focus Four – Electrical Instructor Guide

Focus Four – Electrical

Focus Four – Falls Group Activities

Focus Four – Falls Handouts

Focus Four – Falls Instructor Guide

Focus Four – Falls

Focus Four – Struck By – Group Activities

Focus Four – Struck By – Handouts

Focus Four – Struck By Instructor Guide

Focus Four – Struck By

Intro to OSHA – 2014

Intro to OSHA – Handouts

Intro to OSHA – Instructor Guide

Most Frequently Cited Standards – From OSHA – Free PowerPoint Presentations

These are PowerPoint presentations concerning the most frequently cited standards by OSHA.  There are three good things about these – first, they are as of 2013, so up to date.  Second, they break down citations by each sub part, so this is applicable to anyone.  Third, there are three presentations, broken down by construction, general industry, and maritime – so factory workers do not need to know about scaffolds, for example.

Click links below for documents:

Most Frequently Cited – Construction

Most Frequently Cited – General Industry

Most Frequently Cited – Maritime

In Depth Global Harmonization/Haz Com Course

This is high quality, high detail, GHS Course – 4 Hours – from the CPWR –  Those people are fantastic.  This is the PowerPoint, Instructor Manual, and Student Manual.

Click Links Below for Documents:

GHS Haz Com – PowerPoint

GHS Haz Com Instructor Manual – 4 Hour Course

GHS Haz Com Student Manual