Confined Spaces – Programs, Toolbox Talks – OSHA, HSE, WorkSafeBC

A large selection of materials that include written programs, QuickCards, Toolbox Talks, etc.  Also from the major players in safety – OSHA, HSE, WorkSafeBC.

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A Guide to Safety In Confined Spaces

Confined Space – Is it Safe To Enter

Confined Space Program – WorkSafeBC

Confined Space QuickCard

Confined Space Safety

Confined Space Toolbox Talk

Confined Spaces – Atmospheric Testing QuickCard

Confined Spaces – OSHA Program

Confined Spaces – Permit Required QuickCard – English

Confined Spaces – Permit Required QuickCard – Spanish

Confined Spaces CPWR Toolbox Talk

Confined Spaces HSE

Confined Spaces OSHA Program

Confined Spaces

Hazards of Confined Spaces – WorkSafeBC

Know the Dangers of Confined Spaces

Free Return to Work Materials – Videos Included – Download Here

From the amazing people at WorkSafeBC.  They are really good.

Click links below for documents.  On videos, to download, start briefly, then you will see a down arrow on the upper left.  The video can be downloaded from there:

Guidelines for Modified Work

Return to Work is Good Business

Return to Work is Good Therapy

Selective Light Employment

Ergonomics Assessment – WorkSafeBC

Great program and forms from WorkSafeBC – allows for an easy ergonomic assessment of various types of tasks.  What is nice is that they show on the forms what is unsafe.  A guided program.

Click links below for documents:

MSI Ergonomics Worksheet A

MSI Ergonomics Worksheet B


Risk Factor – Cold Stress

Risk Factor – Contact Stress

Risk Factor – Pushing and Pulling

Free from WorkSafeBC – Setting Up a Safety Committee

This is a complete program – and I mean complete – on how to set up a safety committee.  Full program on participant roles, how to train, hazard analysis, accident investigation, etc.  High level of detail.

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Joint Health and Safety Committee – Facilitators Guide

Joint Health and Safety Committee – Workbook

Free Online Course from WorkSafeBC – Supervising for Safety

This looks truly good.  A course set up where you pick your industry and the course goes over how to supervise for safety.  Videos are included, a test, plus certificate if passed.  Can be used individually, or companies can use this as a part of internal training.

Great job WorkSafeBC!

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