Free Ergonomics App!

From Oregon OSHA – about as easy as can be used.  Takes into account starting position, repetition, amount of time per day, twisting.  Laughably easy, anyone can use this one.

Download now!

Click link below for directions to app: – From your computer. – From your iDevice

Ergonomics – Caution/Hazard Zone from Washington OSHA

An innovative method of performing an ergonomic analysis.  Each task has a small photo so the person who is doing the analysis understands what the issue is.  Also accounts for repetition, posture, time, etc.  The forms are divided between ‘Caution Zone’ and ‘Hazard Zone.’  Even the novice can use these effectively.  Great program.

Both Word format, and PDF.  Download now.  Do it.

Click links below for documents:

Caution Zone Checklist

Caution Zones Checklist – Word

Hazard Zone Checklist – Word

Hazard Zone Checklist

Free Safety E-Books – Download Here

The safety book written in the United Kingdom that I posted last week was very popular, so I did my research and found more.  All good, all detailed.

These are great books, but remember, if you are not in the United Kingdom, various legal references may not apply.

Click links below for books:

A Guide to Measuraing Health and Safety

Involving Your Workforce in Health and Safety

Managing Shift Work Safety

Successful Health and Safety Management

Free NIOSH Lifting Equation App

Very nice app for your iPhone that has the NIOSH Lifting Equation built in.  Clear, easy to use (assuming you are familiar with the NIOSH Lifting Equation).

Link if looking on a computer:

Link if looking on your i-Device:

Ergonomics Assessment – WorkSafeBC

Great program and forms from WorkSafeBC – allows for an easy ergonomic assessment of various types of tasks.  What is nice is that they show on the forms what is unsafe.  A guided program.

Click links below for documents:

MSI Ergonomics Worksheet A

MSI Ergonomics Worksheet B


Risk Factor – Cold Stress

Risk Factor – Contact Stress

Risk Factor – Pushing and Pulling