Buy Quiet – NIOSH – Save Hearing

NIOSH has a ‘buy quiet’ campaign that promotes buying of quiet tools. Here is the link:

A great document they have (from New York) is a listing of tools AND the sound levels when in use.  In other words, if you purchase tools that produce less noise, your employees (or yourself, for that matter) is protected.  Here is that document:

Click link below for document:

Guide to Quiet tools – NIOSH New York

Free NIOSH Lifting Equation App

Very nice app for your iPhone that has the NIOSH Lifting Equation built in.  Clear, easy to use (assuming you are familiar with the NIOSH Lifting Equation).

Link if looking on a computer:

Link if looking on your i-Device:

NIOSH Injury Charts – Download Free Here

NIOSH put together a very extensive book of charts on injuries in the workplace, breaking it down in every way imaginable.  There is data here for nearly every way of looking at workplace injuries, the makeup of the work force, etc.  

Click Link Below for Document:

NIOSH Charts on Worker Injuries

The data is of 2004, but goes over previous years, decades, etc.  Very useful.