Free Ergonomics App!

From Oregon OSHA – about as easy as can be used.  Takes into account starting position, repetition, amount of time per day, twisting.  Laughably easy, anyone can use this one.

Download now!

Click link below for directions to app: – From your computer. – From your iDevice

Ergonomics – Caution/Hazard Zone from Washington OSHA

An innovative method of performing an ergonomic analysis.  Each task has a small photo so the person who is doing the analysis understands what the issue is.  Also accounts for repetition, posture, time, etc.  The forms are divided between ‘Caution Zone’ and ‘Hazard Zone.’  Even the novice can use these effectively.  Great program.

Both Word format, and PDF.  Download now.  Do it.

Click links below for documents:

Caution Zone Checklist

Caution Zones Checklist – Word

Hazard Zone Checklist – Word

Hazard Zone Checklist

Free Fire Safety Items from OSHA, Others

With the exception of ‘fire ants’ and ‘fireworks’ this is all that OSHA has on the subject.

Click links below for documents:

Combustible Dust – Firefighting Precautions

Combustible Dust – Precautions for Firefighters to Prevent Dust Explosions

Fire Safety Fact Sheet

Fire Service Features of Buildings and Fire Protection Systems

Fire Watch Safety During Hot Work in Shipyards Quickcard

Flammable Storage Checklist

Guidelines for Safe Storage of Flammable Materials – Cabinets

More Free Fleet Safety Items from Texas

I missed these the first time.  Several different types of items – including training sheets with quizzes.

Click links below for documents:

Defensive Driving – Take 5 for Safety

Defensive Driving

Driving and Avoiding Roadway Crashes Fact Sheet

Driving and Being Prepared Checklist

Driving and Being Road-Wise

Driving and Merging Collision Prevention Fact Sheet

Driving and Tailgating

Driving and Using Cellular Telephones – Safety Training Program

Driving at Work

Driving Distractions Fact Sheet

Driving Fatigue Prevention – Take 5 for SAfety

Driving in Highway Construction Zones

Driving in the Rain – Take 5 For Safety

Driving in the Winter Fact Sheet

Driving Safety – Take 5 for Safety

Driving with Anti-Lock Brake Systems.

Dumptruck Tipover Prevention Factsheet

Free Fleet Safety Items from Texas

Texas has a surprisingly large amount of material.  Here are a variety of programs, training documents (with quizzes!) from Texas:

Click links below for documents:

Aging Drivers

Delilvery and Taxi Driver Safety

Fleet Motor Vehicle Safety Program

Staying Alert and Fit to Drive

Vehicle Backing Safety Fact Sheet

Vehicle Battery Safety – Take 5 for Safety

Vehicle Safety Checklist

25,000 Hits on Safety Resources

25000Safety Resources had it’s 25,000 hit on Friday (thanks to a very busy Thursday).  Not bad for a site that is only a couple of months old.

For most of us, safety is a career and we receive paychecks, so we all do this for our own reasons.  When we think of the results of our work, however, we see that when we are successful, people do not get hurt, or worse.  Measuring success in our line of work means measuring something that doesn’t happen.  We can look at injury rates and see a decline, but we may never know of the ‘big one’ that was prevented.

So for all of you who made the 25,000 happen – thanks, and realize that out there, you have done something that although you may not know exactly when you helped someone stop a back strain, keep a finger or hand, or kept them alive – you will have done that with your work.  Again – it is a job, and we receive paychecks, but it is good work.

Please feel free to let me know of areas that you may need materials or help with, or even better, if you know of sources that provide free, copyright free materials, let me know and I will be sure to post here.

Thanks to those in the 111 countries that have visited this site.  You are doing good work.

Updated 10/27/2014 – Ebola – Free Information from the CDC plus World Health Organization (WHO)

Please forward to anyone contacts in Africa, or those who may be working or going to work in Africa on this disease.

Some of the links below are the same as my original post, but this is important, so I wanted all on one post for ease of downloading.  Many good new documents added:

Click links below for documents:

Updated – New Documents from the CDC:

Checklist for Healthcare Coalitions for Ebola Preparedness

Checklist for Patients Being Evaluated

Evaluating Returned Travelers for EVD

Factsheet – Chlorine Poisining

Factsheet – Drinking Chlorine Can Make You Sick or Kill You

FactSheet – Healthcare Workers – Could it Be Ebola

Infections Spread by Air or Droplets

Joint Airport Screening Fact Sheet – English

Joint Airport Screening Fact Sheet – French

Joint Airport Screening Fact Sheet – Spanish

Previous Materials on this Post:

West Africa Outbreak Graphic

Steps to Remove PPE – WHO

Steps to Put on PPE – WHO

Sequence for Puttin On and Removing PPE

Interim Infection Prevention and Control Guidance for Ebola – WHO

Infographic – What is Contact Tracing

How to Safely Ship Human Blood Samples from Suspected Ebola Cases

How to Safely Collect Blood Samples from Persons with Suspected Ebola

Healthcare Provider Preparedness Checklist for Ebola Virus Disease

Health Care Facility Preparedness Checklist for Ebola Virus Disease

Facts About Ebola Fact Sheet for Care Givers – WHO

Fact Sheet – Interim Guidance for Speciman Collection

Ebola Outbreak Response Update – WHO

Ebola Containment – Study from Uganda – WHO

Ebola – Stopping the Outbreak

Ebola – Risk Assessment – WHO

Ebola – Fact Sheet

Ebola – Fact Sheet from WHO

Ebola – Fact Sheet – French

Detailed Emergency Medical Services Checklist for Ebola Preparedness

Clinacal Management of Patients with Viral Haemorrhagic Fever

Checklist for Healthcare Coalitions for Ebola Preparedness

Free Toolbox Talks from CPWR

Free toolbox talks from CPWR – plenty to choose from.  If you have not visited these fine folks, please do so at

Click links below for documents:

Aerial Lifts

Arc Welding – Fire Safety

Arc Welding Electrical Hazards

Asphalt Fumes

Biohazard Safety

Boom Collapse

Buried Utilities

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Cold Weather

Confined Spaces

Cranes 2 – Stability and Tipping

Electrical Cord Safety

Electrical Power Safety

Electrical Wiring

Equipment – Falling Objects

Equipment – Getting on and Off

Equipment Maintenance

Eye Protection

Falls – Extension Ladders

Falls – General Protection and Awareness

Falls from Moving Machinery

Falls Through Holes and Openings

Fire Safety



Hearing Protection


Hot Weather


Lead Exposure

Lifting and Carrying Materials

Lyme Disease

Material Handling – Drywall Safety

Nail Guns

Night Shift

Overhead Power Lines

Power Saws

PPE – Wet Concrete

Preventing Falls from Rooftops

Preventing Falls from Scaffolds

Roof Collapse


Skid Steer Loaders

Step Ladders

Traffic Safety

Trench Safety

Workplace Stress

Construction Angels Events – Think About It

This is the group I mentioned some time back that helps out the families of those who have lost their lives in construction accidents.  A worthy group that is, unfortunately very badly needed.

Construction Angels conducts various fundraisers in the form of golf tournaments, and other events.  Sponsorship of a golf course hole can be as low as $100, or you can volunteer to help during the events..  Please consider donating time or money to help this worthy cause.

Schedule of events: