25,000 Hits on Safety Resources

25000Safety Resources had it’s 25,000 hit on Friday (thanks to a very busy Thursday).  Not bad for a site that is only a couple of months old.

For most of us, safety is a career and we receive paychecks, so we all do this for our own reasons.  When we think of the results of our work, however, we see that when we are successful, people do not get hurt, or worse.  Measuring success in our line of work means measuring something that doesn’t happen.  We can look at injury rates and see a decline, but we may never know of the ‘big one’ that was prevented.

So for all of you who made the 25,000 happen – thanks, and realize that out there, you have done something that although you may not know exactly when you helped someone stop a back strain, keep a finger or hand, or kept them alive – you will have done that with your work.  Again – it is a job, and we receive paychecks, but it is good work.

Please feel free to let me know of areas that you may need materials or help with, or even better, if you know of sources that provide free, copyright free materials, let me know and I will be sure to post here.

Thanks to those in the 111 countries that have visited this site.  You are doing good work.

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