CalOSHA – Safety Programs in Word Format

From these guys

Word format is always welcome – and copyright free word format is even better.

These programs come from CalOSHA so they should easily meet or exceed federal guidelines. Some, like the restaurant stuff, is specific, so very useful.

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Miami Surfside Condo History and Collapse

Only posting a link to the Miami Herald – but if you have not seen this chilling analysis, it is worth a read. Everything from missing rebar, design changes, plus the various issues that lead to the collapse and death of 98 people. Animations, plus video show what happened, plus the stories of some of the people inside.

If you are in construction, you should give this a read:

E-Books From OSHA

Yea, them.

Some of these have been posted in he past, but here are all of the current OSHA e-books that are on their website.

Programs will include information on hazard communication, respiratory protection, workplace violence in healthcare, nail salons, trees, ladders. etc.

Note – 2 are missing – those are the ones on COVID-19. Since the rule faced challenges, he information in the books may not currently be accurate.

Take 5 for Safety

Who knew they had this much stuff?

Texas has a great resource on safety – a series of short safety topics that are called, “Take 5.” These are a wide range of subjects – I don’t think I have them all, but below are the best.

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Thank You Laos!

I had a spike in traffic at 1:00am and was curious as to who it was from. Laos!


That is, ‘Stay safe and be well’ in Lao. I used a translator so if it says something else, my bad.

Driver Safety – From Texas(!)

(Accurate representation of Texas)

Who knew Texas had some awesome safety training materials. These can be found on the Texas Occupational Safety Page, and of course, here. I will download and post them as I have time.

These programs cover a range of subjects – from driver program checklists, aggressive driving, night blindness, even golf cart safety. Click them all – you never know when you will need them.

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