BLS Injury Data – Fatal, Non-Fatal Reports – Download Here

Fatal and non-fatal injury analysis in chart and demographic format.  All industries included.

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BLS – Analysis of Fatal Injuries in 2013

BLS Case and Demographics Characteristics for Work Related Injuries and Illnesses Involving Days of JOb Transfer or Restriction

Charts of the BLS Case and Demographics Data

OSHA Data File – All Injury Related Inspections

Massive data file – over 104,000 inspections conducted.  This contains SIC code information, a description of the incident that lead to the inspection, and other relevant data (does not contain citation cost).  This is from 1972 to Present.  If you are good at sorting with Excel, this is for you.

Again, this is over 104,000 inspections, so this is a sheet with 104,000 rows.

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OSHA Injury Inspection Data File

Most Frequently Cited Standards – From OSHA – Free PowerPoint Presentations

These are PowerPoint presentations concerning the most frequently cited standards by OSHA.  There are three good things about these – first, they are as of 2013, so up to date.  Second, they break down citations by each sub part, so this is applicable to anyone.  Third, there are three presentations, broken down by construction, general industry, and maritime – so factory workers do not need to know about scaffolds, for example.

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Most Frequently Cited – Construction

Most Frequently Cited – General Industry

Most Frequently Cited – Maritime

NIOSH Injury Charts – Download Free Here

NIOSH put together a very extensive book of charts on injuries in the workplace, breaking it down in every way imaginable.  There is data here for nearly every way of looking at workplace injuries, the makeup of the work force, etc.  

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NIOSH Charts on Worker Injuries

The data is of 2004, but goes over previous years, decades, etc.  Very useful.