Free Toolbox Talks from CPWR

Free toolbox talks from CPWR – plenty to choose from.  If you have not visited these fine folks, please do so at

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Aerial Lifts

Arc Welding – Fire Safety

Arc Welding Electrical Hazards

Asphalt Fumes

Biohazard Safety

Boom Collapse

Buried Utilities

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Cold Weather

Confined Spaces

Cranes 2 – Stability and Tipping

Electrical Cord Safety

Electrical Power Safety

Electrical Wiring

Equipment – Falling Objects

Equipment – Getting on and Off

Equipment Maintenance

Eye Protection

Falls – Extension Ladders

Falls – General Protection and Awareness

Falls from Moving Machinery

Falls Through Holes and Openings

Fire Safety



Hearing Protection


Hot Weather


Lead Exposure

Lifting and Carrying Materials

Lyme Disease

Material Handling – Drywall Safety

Nail Guns

Night Shift

Overhead Power Lines

Power Saws

PPE – Wet Concrete

Preventing Falls from Rooftops

Preventing Falls from Scaffolds

Roof Collapse


Skid Steer Loaders

Step Ladders

Traffic Safety

Trench Safety

Workplace Stress

Confined Spaces – Free Materials from OSHA, CPWR

Free materials from OSHA, and our good friends at CPWR.  

Click links below for documents:

Carbon Monoxide

Confined Space QuickCard

Confined Space Toolbox Talk

Confined Spaces – Atmospheric Testing QuickCard

Confined Spaces – OSHA Program

Confined Spaces Hazard Alert Card