HSE – Welding

I hit the motherload here as I stuffed my bags filled with materials as I wandered through The Queen’s library.  A wealth of information on welding, surface preparation, PPE (or as they say across the pond, RPE).  Truly a hoard of information I wish OSHA or WorkSafeBC had.  Great Stuff.

Click links below for documents:

Soldering – Hand-Held with Lead Based Rosin Cored Solders

Welding – Advice for Managers

Welding – Arc Air Gouging

Welding – Arc Plasma Cutting – Fixed Equipment

Welding – Expert Advice

Welding – Fixed Extraction – Welding Booth or Downdraught Bench

Welding – Flux Cored and Metal Cored Arc Welding

Welding – Forced Ventillation

Welding – Gas and OxyGas Cutting

Welding – Manual Metal Arc or Stick Welding

Welding – Metal Inert Gas and Metal Active Gas

Welding – Moveable Extraction – Fume Hood on a Flexible Arm

Welding – Oxy-Gas Welding and Brazing

Welding – Resistance Welding – Fixed Equipment

Welding – RPE used with Engineering Controls

Welding – RPE Used with Forced Ventillation

Welding – Surface preparation – Large items

Welding – Surface Preparation – Medium Sized Items

Welding – Surface preparation – Pressure Plasting – Small Items

Welding – Tungsten Inert Gas TIG Welding

Welding – Weld Cleaning with Pickling Paste

Welding – Workshop Ventillation

Welding Respriatory Protective Equipment

Full Programs from the HSE (UK Safety)

Thanks to Dan L for flagging me as to where I could find these.  A wide range of detailed programs – some broad subjects, some very specific.

Click links below for documents:

Assessment of Repetitive Tasks of the Upper Limbs – The ART Tool

Diesel Engine Exhaust Emissions

Electricity at Work

Hand-Arm Vibration – a Guide for Employees

Health and Safety in Roof Work

Health and Safety made Simple

Is your Mask Protecting You

Preventing Falls from Vehicles

Safe Use of Ladders and Stepladders

Safety in Gas Welding Cutting

The High 5 Five Ways to Reduce Risk On Site

The Safe Use of Vehicles on Construction Sites

Using Tractors Safely

Warehousing and Storage Safety

Working Safely with Acetylene

Workplace Transport Safety