CalOSHA – Ergonomics Guides

Again, I had a request for CalOSHA materials – so here is what they have on ergonomics:

Click links below for documents:

Ergonomics for Carpenters and Framers – English

Ergonomics for Carpenters and Framers – Spanish

Ergonomics for Concrete Masons – English

Ergonomics for Concrete Masons – Spanish

Ergonomics for Electricians – English

Ergonomics for Electricians – Spanish

Ergonomics Guide – Comprehensive

Ergonomics Guide – Manual Material Handling – English

Ergonomics Guide – Non-Powered Tools – English

Ergonomics Guide – Non-Powered Tools – Spanish

CalOSHA – Ergonomics Survivial Guides

Construction ergonomics is a rare subject, but CalOSHA has a set of guides that can be very helpful.  Your friendly safety guy has downloaded them and posted them in a single place.  You know what to do:

Click links below for documents:

Ergonomic Survival Guide for Carpenters and Framers

Ergonomic Survival Guide for Cement Masons

Ergonomic Survival Guide for Electricians

Ergonomic Survival Guide for Laborers

Ergonomic Survival Guide for Sheet Metal Workers

Construction Ergonomics – Free Programs, Toolbox Talks

Move away from the same old safety programs and toolbox talks and get into what causes the majority of claims on the job.  The ‘Simple Solutions’ guide is excellent.

Click links below for documents:

Construction Ergonomics – Back

Construction Ergonomics – Knees

Construction Ergonomics – Shoulders and Neck

Ergonomics for Concrete Hoses – Skidplates

Ergonomics Survival Guide – Carpenters and Framers

Ergonomics Survival Guide – Framers

Ergonomics Survival Guide – Laborers

Ergonomics – Keep Reach Close

Ergonomics – Manual Tools

Ergonomics – Move Materials with Assist

Ergonomics – Positioning

Ergonomics – Power Tools

Ergonomics in Construction

Simple Solutions – Construction Ergonomics Guide

Full Programs from the HSE (UK Safety)

Thanks to Dan L for flagging me as to where I could find these.  A wide range of detailed programs – some broad subjects, some very specific.

Click links below for documents:

Assessment of Repetitive Tasks of the Upper Limbs – The ART Tool

Diesel Engine Exhaust Emissions

Electricity at Work

Hand-Arm Vibration – a Guide for Employees

Health and Safety in Roof Work

Health and Safety made Simple

Is your Mask Protecting You

Preventing Falls from Vehicles

Safe Use of Ladders and Stepladders

Safety in Gas Welding Cutting

The High 5 Five Ways to Reduce Risk On Site

The Safe Use of Vehicles on Construction Sites

Using Tractors Safely

Warehousing and Storage Safety

Working Safely with Acetylene

Workplace Transport Safety

Construction Ergonomics – More Stuff

I found good stuff on the subject – this drills down deeper into the subject.  Stop strains and sprains now.  

Click links below for documents:

Construction Ergonomics Checklist

Easy Ergonomics

Ergonomic Survivial Guide – Carpenters and Framers

Ergonomic Survivial Guide – Cement Framers

Ergonomic Survivial Guide – Electricians

Ergonomic Survivial Guide – Laborers

Ergonomic Survivial Guide – Sheet Metal Workers

Construction Ergonomics – Free Stuff from WorkSafeBC

On often overlooked field due to the constantly changing nature of the job – but there is good stuff out there – educate yourself, your employees, and your clients now. In addition to education, there are also reviews of techniques and tools to help reduce musculoskeletal disorders – including a rebar tying tool.  

Checkout WorkSafeBC – good people. 

Click links below for documents:

15 Tips to Reduce Sprains and Strains in Construction

Assessing Risk of Sprains and Strains in Construction

Awkward Posture and Excessive Force

Construction Stress in Construction Work

Hand Tool Ergonomics

Intro to Ergonomics

Job Rotation

Rebar Tying Tool

Repetition and Excessive Force

Selecting Hand Tools in Construction Trades

Support for Overhead Drilling

Using a Pipe Carriage Prevents Back Fatigue

OSHA Safety Programs – All

I will categorize these later – I promise – but for now – here are all of OSHA’s larger programs.  These include confined spaces, lockout tagout, etc.

Click links below for documents:

Training Requirements in OSHA Standards and Training Guidelines

Stairways and Ladders

Sling Safety


Safe Patient Handling – Preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders in Nursing Homes

Respiratory Protection – Small Entity Compliance Guide

Respiratory Protection – Assigned Protection Factors for the Revised Standard

Process Safety Management

Process Safety Management – Guidelines for Compliance

Portland Cement – Preventing Skin Problems

Personal Protective Equipment

Medical Records – Access to Medical and Exposure Records

Medical and Dental Offices – A Guide to Compliance with OSHA Standards

Lockout Tagout

Lead in Construction

Job Hazard Analysis

Heat Illness – Protecting Yourself in the Sun

Hearing Conservation

Fall Prevention – Training Guide – A Lesson Plan for Employers

Fall Prevention – Training Guide – A Lesson Plan for Employers – Spanish


Employers Rights and Responsibilities Following an OSHA Inspection

Emergency Response – Principal Emergency Response and Preparedness – Requirements and Guidelines

Emergency Response – Best Practices for Hospital Based First Receivers of Victims

Emergency Action PLans

Electrical Hazards – Controlling Electrical Hazards

Distracted Driving

Cranes and Derricks – Small Entity Compliance Guide

Construction Tunneling

Confined Spaces