Construction Ergonomics – Free Stuff from WorkSafeBC

On often overlooked field due to the constantly changing nature of the job – but there is good stuff out there – educate yourself, your employees, and your clients now. In addition to education, there are also reviews of techniques and tools to help reduce musculoskeletal disorders – including a rebar tying tool.  

Checkout WorkSafeBC – good people. 

Click links below for documents:

15 Tips to Reduce Sprains and Strains in Construction

Assessing Risk of Sprains and Strains in Construction

Awkward Posture and Excessive Force

Construction Stress in Construction Work

Hand Tool Ergonomics

Intro to Ergonomics

Job Rotation

Rebar Tying Tool

Repetition and Excessive Force

Selecting Hand Tools in Construction Trades

Support for Overhead Drilling

Using a Pipe Carriage Prevents Back Fatigue

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