Scaffolding Resources – OSHA, WorkSafeBC, Others – Download Free

Note – the WorkSafeBC materials are from Canada, so there may be variance between their standards and standards in the United States.

Click links below for documents:

A Guide to Scaffold Use in the Construction Industry

Analysis of Scaffold Issues

Baker Scaffolds Toolbox Talk

Fall From Scaffold – Oregon Talk

Falls from Scaffolds – Toolbox Talk

Guardrails for Scaffolds Toolbox Talk

OSHA Scaffolding Presentation Speaker Notes

OSHA Scaffolding Presentation

Safety Statndards for Scaffolds Used in the Construction Industry – OSHA

Scaffolding – Narrow Frame Scaffolds Fact Sheet

Scaffolding – OSHA Guide

Scaffolding Presentation

Scaffolding Requirements Toolbox Talk

Scaffolding Training Presentation

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