CalOSHA – Programs in Word!

You heard that right – Word format (and one PowerPoint). This means you don’t have to do all of that pesky retyping. Free Word Safety Documents!

Programs include silica, respiratory protection, haz com, haz com for restaurants, COVID-19, etc.

You know what to do:

Ergonomics Guides – General, Construction, Service Industry – WorkSafeBC – FREE

I raided the vaults of the Canadians this time.  Great stuff.  Ergonomics materials for general and specific items, including the service industry, food service, hotels, etc.  Very interesting stuff.

Click links below for documents:

Back Talk – An Owners Manual for Backs

Does Your Back Hurt – A Guide to Preventing Low Back Pain

Ergonomics – Computer Workstations

Ergonomics – Dishwashers

Ergonomics – Handling Luggage

Ergonomics – Kitchen Staff

Ergonomics – Servers

Ergonomics Commentary – Back Belts

Ergonomics Commentary – PC Mouse

Ergonomics Commentary – Wrist Supports

Ergonomics for Custodial Staff – A Clean Sweep – French

Ergonomics for Custodial Staff – A Clean Sweep

Preventing Musculoskeletal Injuries – A guide for employers and joint committees

Pushing Pulling Carrying – Evaluation Sheet

Understanding the risks of musculoskeletal injuries – An educational guide for workers