Free NIOSH Lifting Equation App

Very nice app for your iPhone that has the NIOSH Lifting Equation built in.  Clear, easy to use (assuming you are familiar with the NIOSH Lifting Equation).

Link if looking on a computer:

Link if looking on your i-Device:

Ergonomics Assessment – WorkSafeBC

Great program and forms from WorkSafeBC – allows for an easy ergonomic assessment of various types of tasks.  What is nice is that they show on the forms what is unsafe.  A guided program.

Click links below for documents:

MSI Ergonomics Worksheet A

MSI Ergonomics Worksheet B


Risk Factor – Cold Stress

Risk Factor – Contact Stress

Risk Factor – Pushing and Pulling

Construction Ergonomics – More Stuff

I found good stuff on the subject – this drills down deeper into the subject.  Stop strains and sprains now.  

Click links below for documents:

Construction Ergonomics Checklist

Easy Ergonomics

Ergonomic Survivial Guide – Carpenters and Framers

Ergonomic Survivial Guide – Cement Framers

Ergonomic Survivial Guide – Electricians

Ergonomic Survivial Guide – Laborers

Ergonomic Survivial Guide – Sheet Metal Workers

Construction Ergonomics – Free Stuff from WorkSafeBC

On often overlooked field due to the constantly changing nature of the job – but there is good stuff out there – educate yourself, your employees, and your clients now. In addition to education, there are also reviews of techniques and tools to help reduce musculoskeletal disorders – including a rebar tying tool.  

Checkout WorkSafeBC – good people. 

Click links below for documents:

15 Tips to Reduce Sprains and Strains in Construction

Assessing Risk of Sprains and Strains in Construction

Awkward Posture and Excessive Force

Construction Stress in Construction Work

Hand Tool Ergonomics

Intro to Ergonomics

Job Rotation

Rebar Tying Tool

Repetition and Excessive Force

Selecting Hand Tools in Construction Trades

Support for Overhead Drilling

Using a Pipe Carriage Prevents Back Fatigue

Concrete Construction Resources from OSHA and Others

Adding this as a special request from a visitor.  

Concrete Construction Pocket Guide

Silica – Controlling Exposures While Doing Tuckpointing Mortar Removal

Silica – Controlling Exposures While Operating Masonry Saws

Silica – Controlling Exposures While Using Hand Grinders

Ergonomics for Concrete Hoses – Skidplates

Ergonomics for Concrete Masons – Spanish

Ergonomics for Concrete Masons – English

Silica Fact Sheet – English

Silica Fact Sheet – Spanish

Ergonomics Tools – NIOSH Lifting Equation, RULA, REBA, Snook Tables

RULA, REBA, and the Lifting Equation are in Excel format, and will do the math for you.  I only have the lifting equation manual, so these tools are for those who are familiar with them, and have used them before.

Click links below for documents:

Liberty Mutual Snook Tables

Lifting Equation Manual



NIOSH Lifting Equation – English and Metric

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Ergonomics Guides from Oregon OSHA

Two separate guides from Oregon OSHA on Ergonomics.  One is a full guide which reviews administrative, engineering, plus other controls.  Programs and specific examples are discussed.  The other is a full computer workstation ergonomics guide.  

Oregon has high detail in their programs.

Click links below for documents:

Ergonomics Guide – Computer Workstation

Ergonomics Guide

Healthcare Facilities Safety – Bloodborne Pathogens, Plus All Subjects – English and Spanish

I found a treasure trove of safety materials for healthcare providers and will break this up and classify later, but wanted to make available now.  Hence, this document dump.  These include training programs, forms, checklists, etc.


Click links below for documents:

Back Injury Prevention – English

Back Injury Prevention – Spanish

Biosafe Containers – English

Biosafe Containers – Spanish

Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan – Self Audit Checklist

Bloodborne Pathogens – Questions and Answers

Bloodborne Pathogens – Safety Training Program

Bloodborne Pathogens – Sample Control Program – Word Format

Eye Protection – Spanish

Eye Protection

Eyewash Program – English

Eyewash Program – Spanish

Flu Control Measures for Healthcare – English

Flu Control Measures for Healthcare – Spanish

Healthcare Facilities – Workplace Violence – English

Healthcare Provider Safety Checklist

Latex Allergy – English

Latex Allergy – Spanish

Safety Training Program Development

Sharps Safety – English

Sharps Safety – Spanish

Tuberculosis Safety Training – English

Tuberculosis Safety Training – Spanish

Workplace Violence Prevention Safety Training – English

Workplace Violence Prevention Safety Training – Spanish

Workplace Violence Prevention Strategies