Distracted Driving Materials and Resources – Download Here

From various sources including OSHA, Distracted Driving.Gov, NHTSA, and others.  Also included is the link where all USA State cellphone laws are posted.

Click links below for documents:

Cellphone Laws By State:  http://www.iihs.org/iihs/topics/laws/cellphonelaws

Distracted Driving Brochure – OSHA

Distracted Driving Pledge

Distracted Driving Tip Sheet

NHTSA Study Abstract

Sample Employer Policy 2

Sample Employer Policy

Sample Memo to Employees

Confined Spaces – Programs, Toolbox Talks – OSHA, HSE, WorkSafeBC

A large selection of materials that include written programs, QuickCards, Toolbox Talks, etc.  Also from the major players in safety – OSHA, HSE, WorkSafeBC.

Click links below for documents:

A Guide to Safety In Confined Spaces

Confined Space – Is it Safe To Enter

Confined Space Program – WorkSafeBC

Confined Space QuickCard

Confined Space Safety

Confined Space Toolbox Talk

Confined Spaces – Atmospheric Testing QuickCard

Confined Spaces – OSHA Program

Confined Spaces – Permit Required QuickCard – English

Confined Spaces – Permit Required QuickCard – Spanish

Confined Spaces CPWR Toolbox Talk

Confined Spaces HSE

Confined Spaces OSHA Program

Confined Spaces

Hazards of Confined Spaces – WorkSafeBC

Know the Dangers of Confined Spaces

Ladder Safety Materials – OSHA, WorkSafeBC, UK HSE – Free Download

Because we all use ladders and because so many people are seriously injured each year.  Treat this topic seriously.

Click links below for documents:

Fall Off Ladders Can Kill – Use them Safely – Booklet

Inspecting a Ladder – WorkSafeBC

Ladder Safety – Assessing The Risks – WorkSafeBC

Ladder Safety – Choose a Safe Location – WorkSafeBC

Ladder Safety – Choose the Right Ladder – WorkSafeBC

Ladder Safety – Employer Responsibilties – WorkSafeBC

Ladder Safety – Set Up Requirments – WorkSafeBC

Ladder Safety – Supervisor Safety – WorkSafeBC

Ladder Safety – Worker Responsibilities – WorkSafeBC

Ladder Safety Manual – Presentation

Ladder Safety Manual – Trainer’s Guide

Safe Use of Extension Ladders – Fact Sheet

Safe Use of Job Made Wooden Ladders

Safe Use of Ladders and Stepladders – A Brief Guide

Safe Use of Stepladders

Forklift Safety – Free Training Materials

I really outdid myself this time.  Free programs from OSHA, State Programs, Canada, videos, full programs, PowerPoint, toolbox talks.

Download all now.  You would be foolish not to.

Click links below for documents:

A Guide to Forklift Operator Training

Forklift Amputation Incident Review

Forklift PowerPoint

Forklift Program – Washington

Forklift Safety Is Up to You

Forklift Toolbox Talk

Forklift Training Handout Toolbox Talk

To download a video, start the video, the pause, and click on the arrow at the upper left hand corner of the screen.  You will have the option to download.


Operator Training

Scissors/Aerial Lift Safety Programs and Information

I had a request…  I even found a good PowerPoint…

Click links below for documents:

Aerial and Scissors Lift Training Program

Aerial Lift Fact Sheet

Aerial Lift Fall Protection Over Water

Aerial Lift Safety Program

Aerial Lifts – Using Aerial LIfts Fact Sheet

Aerial Lifts QuickCard

Scissors Lifts Training

Asbestos – Free Information and Safety Materials – Including Training PowerPoint

I had a request on this, so here is what I could find.  The PowerPoint is identified below.  Enjoy!

Click links below for documents:

Asbestos – Automotive Brake and Clutch Repair Work

Asbestos – Protecting Workers from Asbestos Hazards Fact Sheet

Asbestos – Protecting Workers from the Hazards of Asbestos Containing Flooring Materials maintenance Fact Sheet

Asbestos and Other Fibers

Asbestos Fact Sheet – English

Asbestos Fact Sheet – Spanish

Asbestos Standard for Construction

Occupational Health Guidelines for Chemical Hazards

OSHA’s Asbestos Standard for the Construction Industry – This one is the training presentation.

Workplace Exposure to Asbestos – Review and Recommendations

HSE – Excavation Materials – Free Downloads

More materials from the Queen – these include full programs, handouts, plus materials that may reference excavation issues but from different angles, such as underground utilities, working near buildings, etc.

Click links below for documents:

Avoiding Concealed Services and Overhead Powerlines

Avoiding Damage to Buried Services

Avoiding Danger from Underground Services

Excavation – What you need to know as a busy builder

Inspections and Reports

Management of Temporary Works

Preventing Accidents In Excavations

OSHA Trainers – Free General Industry Presentations and Guides

As with the construction programs, these are by OSHA so a little dry in their set up, but nice in that they can be used as a ‘start’ on creating your own programs.

Click links below for documents:









Intro to OSHA, plus handouts are on this link:


OSHA Construction Trainers – Presentations – Download Here!

These are actually by OSHA, so a bit old, and a little dry – however, they can be modified as needed, updated, made more interesting, personalized, etc.  These are for the OSHA 10 and 30 hour construction program.  You will see two documents for each subject (sorry for  not renaming them like I normally do, but there were a lot of files and I had laundry and ironing) – one is a powerpoint, and the other is a lesson guide.  As such, these are good even if you are weak on a subject.

Oh – here is a previous link to the Intro to OSHA, plus Focus Four presentations:


Click links below for documents:











ppe_c ppe_c





More Free Fleet Safety Items from Texas

I missed these the first time.  Several different types of items – including training sheets with quizzes.

Click links below for documents:

Defensive Driving – Take 5 for Safety

Defensive Driving

Driving and Avoiding Roadway Crashes Fact Sheet

Driving and Being Prepared Checklist

Driving and Being Road-Wise

Driving and Merging Collision Prevention Fact Sheet

Driving and Tailgating

Driving and Using Cellular Telephones – Safety Training Program

Driving at Work

Driving Distractions Fact Sheet

Driving Fatigue Prevention – Take 5 for SAfety

Driving in Highway Construction Zones

Driving in the Rain – Take 5 For Safety

Driving in the Winter Fact Sheet

Driving Safety – Take 5 for Safety

Driving with Anti-Lock Brake Systems.

Dumptruck Tipover Prevention Factsheet