Forklift Safety – Free Training Materials

I really outdid myself this time.  Free programs from OSHA, State Programs, Canada, videos, full programs, PowerPoint, toolbox talks.

Download all now.  You would be foolish not to.

Click links below for documents:

A Guide to Forklift Operator Training

Forklift Amputation Incident Review

Forklift PowerPoint

Forklift Program – Washington

Forklift Safety Is Up to You

Forklift Toolbox Talk

Forklift Training Handout Toolbox Talk

To download a video, start the video, the pause, and click on the arrow at the upper left hand corner of the screen.  You will have the option to download.


Operator Training

3 thoughts on “Forklift Safety – Free Training Materials

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    How do you train your forklift operators? If you need some new FREE safety training materials checkout what @ericsafetyman has posted this week on his blog site.


    • Hey James – I would have no issue with adding a post about your website. If you want to type up a description and I post, that’s fine – if not, I can type up something and post the link.


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