The Drone Interviews (Part Two)

Good article on drones.

The Construction App Guru

The topics of drones used on construction projects has become an ever increasingly popular one. While the rules from the FAA are in place, the interpretation of those rules is up for debate. I know a small group of “hobbiest” that are pioneering what construction professionals can do with these amazing devices. I recently sat down with another AGC Georgia Technology Committee Member, Cory Montgomery, to discuss his plans for using drones.

CAG: How get idea to use drones?

CM: I read several technology blogs that have discussed the availability of the units and the quality of the photos or video I could get from using one. I thought about how much it would cost to build one and how much it would save the company every month. We traditionally have used commercial photo services. I started experimenting with building my own drone unit.

After doing some pricing research I…

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