Confined Spaces – Residential Construction

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Those of you who are in residential construction noted that when they updated the confined space entry standard a while back, it included residential construction.  This industry had been somewhat overlooked by OSHA in the past.  They have updated some of their materials to be more clear as to what is expected.

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confined spaces – residential construction

Free Fall Protection Materials from OSHA – Residential Construction – English and Spanish

This took some work, but I compiled nearly everything I could find from OSHA on residential home construction – which we all know is largely lacking in safety.  This is a large number of documents – but if you are a home builder, this is necessary.

Yes – there are a lot of documents – but this covers many different subjects, and mostly English and Spanish.

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Falls – Attic – Residential – English

Falls – Attic – Residential – Spanish

Falls – Exterior Walls – Residential – English

Falls – Exterior Walls – Residential – Spanish

Falls – Floor Joists – Residential – English

Falls – Floor Joists – Residential – Spanish

Falls – Job Built Ladders Falls – Metal Roofs

Falls – Reroofing – English

Falls – Reroofing – Spanish

Falls – Residential – English

Falls – Roof Repair – Residential – English

Falls – Roof Repair – Residential – Spanish

Falls – Roof Tiles – Residential – English

Falls – Roof Tiles – Residential – Spanish