Free Videos from Washington State – Download Here!

Free videos from Washington State on a variety of subjects.  Short to medium duration, so great for safety meetings and education.

To watch – simply press the play button.  To download – briefly start the video and look into the upper left hand corner.  There will be a down arrow and ‘share.’  click on this down arrow and the download button will be there.

Ebola – Free – Additional Materials, Banners, Fact Sheets, Posters

Serious stuff here.  Attached are materials in multiple languages, including posters, banners, guidelines, etc.

Materials are designed for the United States, Africa, and include information for prevention, diagnosis, etc.

Good luck to those that have to deal with this.

Click links below for documents:

Algorithm – Evaluating Returned Travelers for Ebola

Checklist for Patients Being Evaluated for Ebola

Contact Tracing Infographic

Ebola Banner – West Africa

Ebola Factsheet from OSHA

Fact Sheet – Visual Format

Facts About Bushmeat and Ebola

Infographic – French

Infographic – Spanish

Infographic – US Infographic

Poster – Do’s and Don’ts

Poster – Ebola – Key Messages

Poster – Protect Yourself – If you have Symptoms

Poster – Signs and Symptoms – French

Poster – Signs and Symptoms

Poster – Visit Your Nearest Treatment Center

Stopping the Ebola Outbreak Infographic

Construction Plans on Your iPad?

This isn’t quite my area, but I read a fascinating review of an app and method to put construction plans on your mobile device.  The app has an easy zoom feature, so the small screen of an iPad relative to the large nature of jobsite plans is not an issue.  One can also add photos to the plans as the jobsite continues.  A very robust app.

Again, this is not my area but the review was fascinating – here is a link to the original article:

HSE – Work from Heights, Roof Work, Other – Free Downloads!

I raided the Queen’s library again, and dashing out, I even grabbed a document in Welsh!  Those guys with the tall hats can move faster than I would think.

Click links below for documents:

Health and Safety In Roof Work

Preventing Falls from Boom Type Platforms

Preventing Falls from Vehicles – Welsh

Preventing Falls from Vehicles

Safe Use of Ladders and Step Ladders

Safety in Window Cleaning using Rope Platforms

Safety in Window Cleaning Using Suspended Platforms

Safety in Window Cleaning

Working at Height

Workplace Safety Health Welfare – 60 Page Book

OSHA Trainers – Free General Industry Presentations and Guides

As with the construction programs, these are by OSHA so a little dry in their set up, but nice in that they can be used as a ‘start’ on creating your own programs.

Click links below for documents:









Intro to OSHA, plus handouts are on this link:

OSHA Construction Trainers – Presentations – Download Here!

These are actually by OSHA, so a bit old, and a little dry – however, they can be modified as needed, updated, made more interesting, personalized, etc.  These are for the OSHA 10 and 30 hour construction program.  You will see two documents for each subject (sorry for  not renaming them like I normally do, but there were a lot of files and I had laundry and ironing) – one is a powerpoint, and the other is a lesson guide.  As such, these are good even if you are weak on a subject.

Oh – here is a previous link to the Intro to OSHA, plus Focus Four presentations:

Click links below for documents:











ppe_c ppe_c





Free Nursing Home Safety Training Materials from OSHA

Presentations on resident lifting, blood borne pathogens, and other useful items:

Click links below for documents:

Benefits of Implementing a Safe Resident Handling Program in Nursing Homes

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Incidents Fact Sheet

Bloodborne Pathogens – Model Plans and Programs

Bloodborne Pathogens Fact Sheet

Hepatitis B Vaccination Fact Sheet

Implementing a Safe Resident Handling Program in Nursing Homes

Personal Protective Equipment Reduces Exposures Fact Sheet

Safe Patient Handling – Preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders in Nursing Homes

Slips Trips and Falls for Healthcare Workers – NIOSH

Successful Approaches to Reducing Occupational Musculoskeletal Disporders in Healthcare Industry

Free(!) Powered Industrial Truck Programs – Including PowerPoint

A good selections of items specific to Powered Industrial Trucks from OSHA.  Normally I just dump everything I find into a single post, but I thought I should sweat a few details now and then.

Click links below for documents:

Developing a Training Program for Operators

FAQs about Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training

Operator Training

Sample Performance Test

Sample Program Outline

Selected Fatalities Summary

Free Book – Guidance for Occupational Health Professionals

An interesting book – this one has a copyright on it, but is offered for free – if anyone has a complaint, let me know and I will delete this post.  Oddly, it is offered in Word format, but I am posting here in Word and PDF (a PDF is easier to read in iBooks on an iPad).

Click links below for documents:

Guidance for Occupational Health Professionals

Guidance for Occupational Health Professionals