Ebola – Free – Additional Materials, Banners, Fact Sheets, Posters

Serious stuff here.  Attached are materials in multiple languages, including posters, banners, guidelines, etc.

Materials are designed for the United States, Africa, and include information for prevention, diagnosis, etc.

Good luck to those that have to deal with this.

Click links below for documents:

Algorithm – Evaluating Returned Travelers for Ebola

Checklist for Patients Being Evaluated for Ebola

Contact Tracing Infographic

Ebola Banner – West Africa

Ebola Factsheet from OSHA

Fact Sheet – Visual Format

Facts About Bushmeat and Ebola

Infographic – French

Infographic – Spanish

Infographic – US Infographic

Poster – Do’s and Don’ts

Poster – Ebola – Key Messages

Poster – Protect Yourself – If you have Symptoms

Poster – Signs and Symptoms – French

Poster – Signs and Symptoms

Poster – Visit Your Nearest Treatment Center

Stopping the Ebola Outbreak Infographic

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