Residential Construction Fall Protection – Free, from OSHA!

OSHA has some great materials on working in residential construction.  Guidance in this area is necessary, as most of the materials and training out there are for larger construction sites.  OSHA is now focusing my more heavily on residential construction, so the materials below are quite necessary.

You know what to do (click):

reducing falls in residential construction – working in attics

reducing falls in residential construction – roof sheathing

reducing falls in residential construction – roof repair

reducing falls in residential construction – installing roof tiles

reducing falls in residential construction – installing roof joists and trusses

reducing falls in residential construction – installing floor joists

reducing falls in residential construction – erecting interior and exterior walls

reducing falls in residential construction- metal standing seam room

Confined Spaces – Residential Construction

Hey Everyone

Those of you who are in residential construction noted that when they updated the confined space entry standard a while back, it included residential construction.  This industry had been somewhat overlooked by OSHA in the past.  They have updated some of their materials to be more clear as to what is expected.

Click here for document:

confined spaces – residential construction


Since my cite is free, the number of hits really doesn’t mean much, besides a point of pride. That said, by the look of it, the site recently hit a milestone of 500,000 hits.

Seeing as extremely little content is produced by the site itself, it is nice to see that everyone is using this place as the library it was designed to be. I will start posting more, I promise. Some have asked for food safety, and I have had other requests as well.

It is nice to think that we have a worldwide army of safety people out there that are that are working for the safety of others. Of course, this is our career, so it isn’t 100% altruistic or anything (I avoid being sanctimonious), but when we do our job, people return home with all of their fingers and toes.

Thanks to all!

Drone Groups

img_4155If you are a person starting out with Drones, there are many things to know.  Some will be simply how to fly a drone safely and legally, while others may need help with getting their Part 107 designation (for the non-USA people, this is the USA Commercial License), as well as photography tips.  Here are some good Facebook groups you can go to.  Some are lighthearted, but still offer good advice, while others are specific towards photography, the Part 107, airspace, etc.  Click on highlighted text for the group.

Mad for Multi-Rotors – A good social group.

Drone Pilot Profits – A group dedicated toward the business side.

DJI Drone Photography – Assistance with photography, but obviously focused on DJI drones.

UAV Airspace Classification Discussion – A specific site where you can ask questions about airspace rules.  For the Part 107, this is critical.

Drone Days – Another good social group, where beginners and experienced pilots can discuss and post their questions, photos, videos.

UAV Drone Aerial HD Photo & Video Gallery – Another group based more on photo and video, but not brand specific.

Feel free to reply to this post with groups or webpages you think are helpful, and I will amend this post.  Note – I will screen all replies first to ensure the websites are appropriate.  Be patient as I have a day job, but I will post all good sites.