Zika – Information from OSHA and CDC


Information from the CDC and OSHA on Zika.  Note – the CDC has a LOT more stuff than what I have posted here, so feel free to click on http://www.cdc.gov/zika

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Overall Traffic – WOW

business graph

So after I saw the spike in traffic from the Netherlands (thank you, again), I looked at overall traffic.  Oddly, at sometime around July, I topped out all of 2015 traffic.  Not sure why, as I have not been promoting the site (and, since there is no advertising or sales, traffic is not overly critical), and only adding content as new items come into focus.

But regardless, traffic means that people who take a interest in the safety of others are clicking, so thanks to all of you, and continue your great work!

New Silica Rule – OSHA


OSHA has published it’s new rule for Silica.  This rule will help to set standards to protect workers that are exposed to crystalline silica.  Construction workers cutting block, working with concrete – this is for you.

Click links below for documents:

OSHA Silica – Fact Sheet

OSHA Silica – FAQ

OSHA Silica – General Industry – Medical Testing

OSHA Silica – General Industry Standard

OSHA Silica – Medical Testing

OSHA Silica – Sampling Methods

OSHA Silica Standard – General Industry – Sampling Methods

OSHA Silica Standard