Electrical – New Rules from OSHA


If you deal with electricity, download this stuff RIGHT NOW.  Electricity will kill you, or your people.  These are new publications from OSHA, so you know you better.

You know what to do:

Electrical Power – PPE Requirements

Electrical Power – Fall Protection

Electrical Power – Training Requirements, Other

Electrical Power – Major Changes to the Rule

What did I tell you?  Download them all!

2 thoughts on “Electrical – New Rules from OSHA

  1. Hi Eric! Love your site. I run a safety site as well that has great quick topics for safety meetings. We just posted an article on Electrical Safety, outlining dangers, tips, regulations and even has a quiz. http://eofficesafetytips.com/Electrical-Office-Safety.php Please check it out and if you think it would be helpful to your readers as well we love for you to post a link to it.

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