Interested in Mobile Apps for Construction?

This have held a special interest for me.  Although many deal with safety, there are others that deal with construction in depth.  These include transferring of daily logs and other forms to a mobile environment, and even having all construction plans on tablets.  These apps help to streamline operations and allow one to more effectively, and more quickly communicate issues faster, cheaper, and more effectively with the office.

Unfortunately, I am not as familiar with them as I should be.  I did discover a great resource that goes over this information, reviews, and assists with how to use these apps.  This person is the Construction App Guru.

So if you interested in learning about apps and mobile devices that can be used on construction projects? Could your company use some advice on how to move from paper based workflows to electronic workflows? Would you read interviews with industry leaders in the development world?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may want to start following the Construction App Guru. The ConAppGuru hosts a blog dedicated to educating the AEC Community about the uses for technology on construction projects.

To learn what the ConAppGuru is writing about you can follow him at:




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